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The Two-Party System: Two sides of the same coin

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Many people seem to believe whole-heartedly in the false left-right paradigm of American politics, as if the two major political parties are in opposition to each other. In fact, such a notion couldn’t be further from the truth and the two major parties are more like one party with two different faces and the same agenda to push forward. They are only but two different sides to the same coin, giving the illusion that government is balanced with a major opposition movement. Think about it for a minute… Both major political parties only differ on relatively unimportant issues, while they work in tandem on the interests that contradict our own, generally those that benefit corporate and special interests at the expense of our own interests. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to work together on issues that are extremely important to us, though we don’t really get the implications of these issues because there is no opposition to these issues or the opposition that there is, is effectively suppressed and ignored.

There are fundamental flaws with our current system and these flaws are detrimental to not only our well being, but the well being of our country, our freedom and our way of life. However, these flaws will never be addressed, as there is no effective opposition to address them and these flaws happen to benefit the agenda and entities that both parties are in collusion with. While we bicker back and forth about the most unimportant of issues, our system is being raped and in danger of crashing down on us.

Our mind is of three categories: What we know, what we don’t know and what we don’t know we don’t know. Not knowing is unfortunate; not knowing that we don’t know is tragic.” –W. Erhart

What major accomplishment has either party contributed to the American people? Now, with that in mind, what have they contributed to corporate and special interests? Both major political parties seem to put corporate and special interests far above the interests of the people and these interests almost always contradict each other. In fact, for anyone who can take a minute or two to research, you would see the same lobbies and corporations contribute equally to both major parties and in return, these major parties contribute back, on an equal footing. The Democratic party doesn’t contribute any more or less than the Republican party. The people of this country are merely divided in two, distracted by non-sense and conquered by influences that control it all.

As far as opposition, where was the opposition for the Iraq war? What about the bank bailouts or the Obamacare that really only benefits the insurance industry? How about the Patriot Act, HGTP Act or the plethora of other unconstitutional policies brought forth by those controlling the government? Where was this so-called opposition with 9/11, NAFTA, anthrax, warrantless wiretapping or the other seemingly important issues that go against the interest of the people? Tell me, was this country better off with the Republicans in control, as opposed to the Democrats? What about with the Democrats as opposed to the Republicans? When you look at the issues that are really important to the preservation of liberty and freedom in this country, if you even know what they are, is one party really better than the other and is either party working for you or the interests of the country as a whole?

We are stuck in an endless cycle of Republican versus Democrat and the only things that seem to get done, are the things that benefit the elites and their corporate vessels. The Republicans will be on top for a time, only to have the people become fed up with the direction of government, then the Democrats come in to do the same exact thing. The pendulum quickly falls back to the Republicans and so the cycle continues, all the while the only losers are us, the American people. While the people are bickering back and forth about relatively unimportant issues, we are being robbed blind and our Constitutional protections are being subverted and dismantled. While we are being distracted with stupid issues, certain entities and elites are laughing all of the way to the bank (quite literally) and the real issues are being completely ignored.

We get angry with Congress because it seems as if they aren’t doing anything, but it’s not that they are doing “nothing”, it’s that they are doing nothing for us. Why would they do anything to help us, the American people? It is corporations and special interests that they are pandering to because it is these entities with riches to hand out. They know they have our votes because most people are only going to vote Democrat or Republican and at the end of the day when the American people are worse off than they were before, they simply blame the other party, each one to the other. Their ultimate agenda is the same and sadly, it is not an agenda that will benefit either you or me. It is going to be me and you who are picking up the pieces, asking ourselves how this could have happened and why we didn’t see it coming. We didn’t see it coming because we had no effective opposition to cry foul at what the two parties, in collusion with each other, were doing for the benefit of their masters.

It matters not to corporate interests which political party is the flavor of government, as they are going to benefit regardless. For instance, a lot of people like to claim that the Democrats are socialist but is it really socialism so much as fascism with a sprinkle of “bread and circuses”? Who really benefits from this so-called socialism? Is it a portion of the American people or is it the corporate entities providing the service? I can guarantee that if it doesn’t benefit a corporation or special interest entity, it is not going to be passed through congress and often enough, it won’t even be considered. At the end of the day, it is corporate interests that benefit from all policies being established and sadly, we often don’t see it as their is no viable opposition to cry foul or point out fundamental flaws that will benefit one side (corporate interests), at the peril and expense of the other (American freedom and preservation, as well as personal liberty).

Make no mistake about it, both political parties are working for the same interests and whether you believe it or not, your interests aren’t included in those being considered. In fact, your interests are almost always contradicted but again, nobody is hollering foul because there is no viable opposition. We think there is opposition because we believe the two parties to be in opposition, therefore when nobody hollers foul, we think all is okay.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You see, when a government has no opposition movement, it is susceptible to corruption and tyranny will always prevail. This is why most authoritarian governments stamp out their opposition. Here in America, we too lack an opposition, even though many of us falsely believe that we have such a luxury, due to the cosmetic issues we are distracted with. Any real opposition is kept silent and subdued through both the media and the various election laws that are designed to do just that. The media gives almost zero attention to any other movement besides the two major political parties and if they are mentioned at all, it is generally to spin their message into something that it isn’t. We are basically being steered to one party or the other and at the end of the day, neither of the two parties are much different than the other, at least with anything that really matters and neither party hold our interests or that of the preservation of our Republic.

Another draw-back (or convenience, depending on how you look at it) to this two-party system is that it gives an “easy out” when someone does cry foul (such as a whistle-blower). When corruption is exposed, it is far too easy for those being called out to blame partisanship for the exposure, often allowing this corruption to go undisturbed. In this way, the two-party system actually does the opposite of what an opposition movement is supposed to do. It is extremely convenient to TPTB and the single agenda of the two major political parties. For instance, if a whistle blower toots his horn for whatever reason, it is easily dismissed as having some partisan motive. It always allows a counter-accusation to be made, thus drawing blame away from those with their hands in the cookie jar. Remember the Niger yellow-cakes, leading up to the Iraq War?

So basically, unless we expose the two parties for what they are, one big party with two different faces, we will continue to lack the absolute necessity of an opposition and this country will continue to go down the tubes without any kind of resistance and without the American people even realizing that there are fundamental flaws with our system of government. Sadly, when the music stops, it is only going to be us without a chair. We need to look past this bickering around small but emotional issues and focus on the real issues that threaten our very way of life. After all, these small and emotional issues are designed to distract us, so that certain people and entities can make off with the loot. It’s like someone robbing our home, but we stop to argue about the color of the rug, instead of stopping the thievery taking place before our very eyes.

Are you going to stand there, or will you fight with me? Lets take our country back using the power of numbers.

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